My Two Staple Ingredients

I would have liked to post a Thanksgiving recipe, but the truth is that the women don’t make Thanksgiving dinner in my house. Instead we get to kick back, watch the parade and some exciting football while my father makes a mean turkey and undoubtably the best stuffing there is.

So I’ve decided to reveal my two staple ingredients instead. We’ll have to see how many readers this post weeds out.

The first, and most important ingredient is:

That’s right…salt. Not only is salt the magnifier of taste, it is also the secret to a good dish. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t cook with salt, you’re also one of those people whose food doesn’t taste that good. Think about it. In general, you make foods with ingredients that have flavors you love, so why not intensify those flavors with a sprinkle of salt? Because you’re afraid of high blood pressure? We’ll I don’t know about you, but having to eat bad food gives me high blood pressure. Plus, it’s a good source of iodine – I’d rather have high blood pressure than a simple goiter…

For those of you who don’t know me, the second is:

Mayonnaise. Not reduced/low-fat (that’s just embarrassing), not made with canola or olive oil. Plain and simple – Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise. What about miracle whip? Look up, the miracle is right in front of you. Does it look appetizing? Definitely not. but when you think about what’s in it, you’ll find that mayonnaise contains innocent ingredients we use more often than not. In 1756, some genius in france decided to throw this:

and this:

into a KitchenAid – and voila! I would say it’s the best invention since sliced bread, but I actually use mayonnaise more (as you will soon see). Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it – the second staple ingredient in my kitchen. Now I know what you’re thinking…

Does too much salt cause high blood pressure? Yes. Is mayonnaise fattening? Yes. But you know what they say…

“Everything in moderation…including moderation.”

Go ahead. Judge me.

– Li-or


One thought on “My Two Staple Ingredients

  1. Kim Holtzman says:

    I made Steel head trout last night using one of your favorite ingredients, Hellman’s mayo. Everyone that it was delicious! After reading your entertaining blog I thought you would be happy to know!

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