Step aside, Susie Fishbein

That’s right – we got a new cookbook. Ok, if you aren’t a frequent kosher cook you may not have gotten that, but it’s exciting, nonetheless.

My Mother hardly ever cooks with recipes. She just knows how to throw ingredients into a pot and have them rock your world once they’ve been cooked. I’ve tried that, but the results aren’t nearly as successful – so I started buying cookbooks. I started with Quick & Kosher: From the Bride Who Knew Nothing, by Jamie Geller, but I think I ended up tweaking almost all the recipes (except for the One Bowl Amazing Chocolate Cake…stay tuned..). So I quickly moved on to Susie Fishbein’s Kosher by Design series[excluding Kosher by Design Lightens up], and even though she has soo many recipes, and she is the kosher celebrity chef – I’ve gotten bored.

So when Ari…yes, Ari, found this cookbook – we ordered it and just got it in the mail today. It’s called Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking, by Leah Schapira. I hadn’t heard about it until two days ago, but it seems right up my alley. Don’t let the healthy looking cover fool you – a lot of the recipes are fried and look incredible.

Recipes I am excited for: 

Onion Blossoms aka Blooming Onion, Lazy Man’s Cholent, Beer Beef Stew, Teriyaki Sesame Chicken, Sweet Potato and Pastrami Pockets, Avocado Wontons, Sweet Buffalo Chicken, All the sauces (I love sauces!)…The list really goes on and on…

Recipes Ari is excited for: 

Overnight Potato Kugel, The Perfect Pizza (includes recipes for pizza dough, sauce for dipping pizza, pizza sauce, thin-crust pizza). I am 95% sure he was interested in the cookbook because of the Kugel recipe.

The ones we’ll probably skip:

Roasted Mushroom and Pepper Salad (includes both mine and Ari’s least favorite ingredients – Ari’s being mushrooms and mine being peppers), Pistachio Creamy Bow-Tie Pasta, Egg and Liver Tower, Healthy Peanut Butter Bars??I mean… reallyy??

Anyways, I will be sure to post some of these recipes in the near future (once I’ve tried them).

g night!


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  1. […] 7 hour time difference isn’t always the most convenient, and there is a F.O.S recipe in the new cookbook we got last week. So here it is: (By Leah Schapira, […]

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