Guess Who’s Back


That’s riiiggghhhttttt. I’m back, and I have all the answers. 

Where have I been?

After quitting my job at Osem, (not so OSEM after all <did you see what I did there?) we moved up to Rochester into a duplex with an electric stovetop. 

What did I make? 

Close to nothing. Did I mention the electric stove top? Also, I got pregnant. So yes, I made a baby, but it turns out being pregnant doesn’t mean you become the next masterchef.. it sort of means you become the anti-chef (at least in my case). 

Why am I back? 

Why do you think? I have too much time on my hands, and I’ve moved back into an apartment with a gas stove. 

What’s to come?

I’ve made a lot of promises in the past. If you read through my posts, I spend a lot of the time apologizing for not posting, and mentioning when I will post next. Do me a favor and lower your expectations by 100%. If you do this, then we’ll both be much happier when I remember to take a picture of the food I am making and post the recipe. I haven’t forgotten how to cook, and I definitely haven’t forgotten that good food isn’t healthy (calm yourself, that doesn’t mean healthy food can’t be good). So if you’re hungry, grab a snickers.. cause I can’t promise that I will post all that often…but when I do – It’ll be worth it!  

Good night! 



2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. Charlsie says:

    keep us posted- I’m excited to see what you make next!

  2. Leah says:

    Good to see you back!

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